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How do I setup my HPN Signature PRO heat press?Updated a year ago

Once you’ve unboxed your heat press, take a minute to familiarize yourself with the different parts of the machine. The first thing you’ll need to do is install the rubber feet. Turn the heat press on its side and screw in the rubber feet onto each corner of the base. Tighten the screws of the feet with a hex key. Next, you’ll need to install the secondary leverage handle. Remove the two socket head screws from the leverage bar connected to the body of the heat press. Set the leverage handle in place and then re-install the screws. Tighten the screws with a hex key. This secondary handle will now provide you with additional leverage when operating the heat press at high pressure settings. Next, install the SurePressure pressure marking system. Turn the pressure adjustment knob counterclockwise until it stops, then set the SurePressure counter to zero. Be sure to avoid forcing the knob too far in either direction, as it may become stuck. Feed the pressure adjustment knob through the rubber belt. Attach the rubber belt to the SurePressure gear. Align the small screw on the inside of the gear with the groove that is cut into the SurePressure counter post. Slide the gear into place. Next, you’ll need to set the pressure to a good starting point. Perform a paper pressure test by placing a sheet of paper onto the front of the lower platen and closing the press. If the paper slides out easily then the pressure is set too low. Increase the pressure by turning the pressure adjustment knob clockwise while the heat press is in the open position. The heat press should still be able to close relatively easily but the paper should no longer slide out. Make sure that all sides of the lower platen have proper pressure. Next, plug the heat press directly into an electrical outlet. Do not use an extension cord or power strip. Also, always unplug the heat press when it is not in use. Every HPN Signature Pro Heat Press comes with dual internal fuses that will protect the machine from electrical surges. Flip the red rocker switch up to power on the machine. Press the OK button on the digital computer gauge. This will allow you to set the desired temperature scale. Press the OK button again to set the temperature. Press the OK button a third time to set the time. Pressing the ok button a final time will bring you back to the real-time temperature and your heat press will begin to heat up. Press and hold the reset button to reset the heat press counter to zero. For heat presses equipped with auto-open, pressing the red emergency release button on the side will disengage the electromagnet on your heat press. This allows you to open the press without having to wait for the timer to reach zero. Your heat press is now ready for use.

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