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What's the difference between EasySubli and SubliJet?Updated a year ago

Siser EasySubli heat transfer vinyl requires special sublimation inks also compatible with other substrates.

But how do the EasySubli inks fare against Sawgrass's Sublijet-HD? Here we have tested printing EasySubli inks on TexPrint-R and pressed them onto several non-HTV substrates, and these are a few comparisons with Sublijet-HD showing our results. Please note that testing these on your own may give different results depending on your graphics, printing, pressing settings.

While Sublijet-HD mostly has an advantage over EasySubli with non-HTV substrates, particularly with its image vibrancy…EasySubli inks print best on Siser's special heat transfer vinyl. Here is a comparison of a pressed EasySubli print on TexPrint-R versus on EasySubli HTV. It can also be pressed on color garments, looking as good as it does on a plain shirt! Sublimation onto color was not fully realized until EasySubli.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what sublimation printer system you’ll be using the most. If you want to focus on bringing the vibrancy of sublimation to colored garments, but still want the freedom of doing typical sublimation blanks with less vibrancy, then Siser EasySubli is the printer system for you.
However, if you want to focus on mugsplaquesphoto panels, phone cases, and much more with exceptional color vibrancy, but still want the freedom of using EasySubli HTV on garments with varying results, then Sawgrass Sublijet-HD is the printer system for you.

In the end, you decide what will work best for you, based on what you’re mainly looking to customize with the magic and science of sublimation.

These Siser and Sawgrass products are available at HeatPressNation.com!

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