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Signature Series Heat Presses

How do I install SurePressure on my HPN Signature PRO heat press?

To install the SurePressure pressure marking system, turn the pressure adjustment knob counterclockwise until it stops. Be sure to avoid forcing the knob too far in either direction, as it may become stuck. Set the SurePressure counter to zero, then

The temperature display on my HPN Signature Series heat press shows 000 number.

This could either be an issue with the computer gauge or heat sensor wire. There is a wire that connects directly from the heating element and into your temperature gauge. If this wire is damaged, loose, or disconnected, your temperature display will

My Signature Series heat press doesn't reach the right temperature.

If you find that your Signature Series heat press is having trouble reaching your desired temperature, the back-end heat delay setting might need to be adjusted. This setting can become inaccurate if the temperature scale has ever been changed from °