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How do I press heat transfer vinyl?Updated 2 months ago

Pressing Heat Transfer Vinyl is simple, but not all HTV is the same. Different brands often require different heating settings, but having a reference as our Heat Press Cheat Sheet or website is helpful in finding what's best for your vinyl.

As an example, Siser EasyWeed requires 12 seconds of pressing at 305 degrees F with medium or firm pressure. To find this information on our website, go to the product page of a particular HTV we offer and click on the "Instructions" tab

Pressing temperature, pressure, and time will be present in either the "Details" or "Application" section. After you've pressed your HTV, keep in mind that stretching your garment is only applicable to certain kinds of vinyl, such as EasyWeed Stretch and Specialty Materials ThermoFlex Stretch.

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* Weeding Tip : Briefly heat the lower platen of your press and weed your HTV above it to speed up the process.

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