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Tax ExemptUpdated a year ago

You will need a tax exemptions certificate to qualify as exempt from sales tax charges on consumable/resell-able items (vinyl, sublimation blanks, ink, etc.).

Currently, our company has nexus in the states below and without a tax exemption certificate, sales tax will be charged.

Alabama    Kansas    Ohio

Alaska    Kentucky    Oklahoma

Arizona    Louisiana    Pennsylvania

Arkansas    Maryland    Rhode Island

California    Massachusetts    South Carolina

Colorado    Michigan    South Dakota

Connecticut    Minnesota    Tennessee

District of Columbia    Mississippi    Texas

Florida    Nebraska    Utah

Georgia    Nevada    Virginia

Hawaii    New Jersey    Washington

Idaho    New Mexico    West Virginia

Illinois    New York    Wisconsin

Indiana    North Carolina    Wyoming

Iowa    North Dakota

Do not proceed before creating a complete account at heatpressnation.com including, name, billing, and shipping information. Also, please ensure that your exemption form includes a name or address that matches your account. We use this to identify and match your account to the exemption, if we do not see either, you will experience a delay in processing. 

If you have questions regarding this process, please email [email protected] for further information.

 Please click the link below to submit a resale tax or manufacturing exemption in your state and we will setup your account appropriately.


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