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What if my heat press won't heat up? (SSR Bypass Test)Updated a year ago

If you find that your HPN Signature Series heat press is not heating up, it could be that an internal component may need to be replaced. If your machine is showing room temperature of around 50-100 there’s a simple test you can do to determine which part needs replacing.

First, power off and unplug your machine, then open the back panel. Locate the Solid State Relay. With a phillips head screwdriver, disconnect the wires from terminal port 1 and terminal port 2. Cross link the two connectors by placing them both in port 2 and tightening the screw. Plug the heat press back in, then turn it on. Electricity is now being sent to the heating element directly. If during this time, the heating element begins to heat up, your solid state relay needs to be replaced.

Do not use your machine in this status as it will continue to produce heat past your desired setting and may damage your heating element. Please power off and unplug your heat press. On your Solid State Relay, place wire 1 back on terminal port 1. If during this time the heating element does not heat up, the issue lies with the heating element. This could be a loose wire or the heating element itself may need to be replaced. Our technical support department can provide you with further assistance.

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