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General Heat Press Troubleshooting

HeatPress Troubleshooting

What if my heat press won't heat up? (SSR Bypass Test)

If you find that your HPN Signature Series heat press is not heating up, it could be that an internal component may need to be replaced. If your machine is showing room temperature of around 50-100 there’s a simple test you can do to determine which

My heat press automatically counts down and won't stop beeping when I plug it in.

If you find that your HPN heat press is beeping continuously when you first power on the machine, it could simply be that the digital timer has reached zero. When the heat press is in the closed position the digital computer gauge will countdown to z

My auto-open heat press does not pop open when it is done counting down.

All auto open models are supposed to open on their own when the timer has completed counting down. The gas shocks installed are supposed to push your upper platen up very much like the shocks on a car trunk. To resolve this problem please follow the

My heat press won't stop beeping. The heat press is open.

If you find that your Signature Series heat press is in the open position and won't stop beeping after it's powered on for the first time, it may be due to a loose connector on the digital computer gauge. This sometimes happens because of a bumpy rid

My auto-open heat press does not lock down in place.

The auto open models are equipped with electromagnets that lock your machine into place when you close down the lid. But sometimes, the pressure level can affect the magnet from working correctly. To resolve this issue please follow the steps below:

The timer on my heat press does not start.

Your heat press has a timer actuator switch that engages and disengages every time you close and open your machine. Over time, the metal arm on the switch may be bent to a position that does not allow for solid contact and engagement of the timer. If

My heat press continually heats and does not stop.

If your heat press continually heats up without stopping, this could be an indication that your solid state relay is not shutting off when it has reached the desired temperature. To resolve this please follow the steps below:

My heat press does not turn on or shuts off during use.

If your machine doesn’t turn on, this could either be a loose connection from shipping or your power switch and/or circuit breaker may have tripped during use. To resolve this, follow these steps: