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What is address verification?Updated a year ago

We are committed to your security. To protect against fraudulent orders, we have set up protocols to ensure that the person placing an order is in fact the cardholder.

These systems in place for example include an Address Verification System as well as an ID verification system. If an order is placed where the billing address is different from the shipping address, or is flagged by one of our systems, the order may be marked for review and require additional verification before it can be shipped.

Some cases may involve verification methods where one of our customer service representatives will call you to place a small temporary charge on the card used. This small charge will be a random amount between $1.00 and $2.00 and will be refunded after the verification process has been completed.
After this small charge has been made, we ask that you login to your online bank or credit card account to find the exact amount of this small charge. Once the exact amount of the small charge is found, you may then contact us to verify the amount. Once verified, your order will then be shipped and a refund for the small charge will be made.

Alternatively some orders may require a matching identification card to verify the order. In these situations this is a 1 time check where you won't have to do this for future orders after verification.

Please understand that the address verification protocols are automated and do not affect the majority of orders. While they may be a bit inconvenient, they are done for your protection. We value your security and we remain devoted to our fight against fraud. If you have any questions regarding the procedures please contact us direct at 1.800.215.0894 or [email protected]

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